About us

We believe in Innovation, Technology and Purpose

Grupo 1358

Our mission is to make information accessible

Omnios first appeared from a passion for a certain technology (Natural Language Processing) and its ability to filter and analyse enormous amounts of information.

The amount of written, audio and video content that is created everyday won’t be manageable without NLP and at Omnios we aim to lead the innovation in this field, by developing products with the latest advances in technology to make information accessible and useable for businesses and individuals. 

Grupo 1358

Our vission is to share a passion for Technology & Innovation

Half our team is made up of visionary engineers that develop cutting-edge technology for our products.

The other half is formed by business and SaaS experts that work to make sure that customers needs are met.

In addition, our advisors are providing their expertise and knowhow to always keep on improving our business. We believe a company is defined by it’s team and we’re proud of who we are.

Meet our team!

At Omnios we all come from different backgrounds but share the same goal: to make businesses more effective through AI and other technologies.


Albert Iruela

Co- Founder & CSO

IMG-1253 (3)

Tomas Couso



Arnau Puig

Co-Founder & COO

Foto Oriol

Oriol Vilas



Oriol Trujillo

Software Developer


Eric Aguilar

Full Stack Developer



Tech Lead


Jordi Marqués

Full Stack Developer

Standard team member

Yaidel Guedes

Full Stack Developer


Robin Costas

Software Developer

IMG-9088 (2)

Dídac Elgueta

Software Developer

IMG-7558 (1)

Felice Sansonetti

Software Developer

IMG-8824 (1)

Luz Arias

UX/UI Designer

FotoLinkedIn (1)

Ricard Hidalgo

Product Owner

Team activities (1)

Maria Ariño

Product Owner


Miguel Romera

Quality Assurance

IMG-0449 (1)

Lan González

Junior Quality Assurance

IMG-0548 (1)

Jordi González

Technical Consultant


Angela Gemio

Administrative Office Manager

IMG-1271 (1)

Daniel Suárez

Software Developer Intern

foto perfil andrea (1)

Andrea Beltran

HR Specialist

Work with us!

Take a look at our job offers. If you do not find a vacancy for your profile, you can send us your CV explaining your superpowers and what you like about us.