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Elevate our clients’ work experience

Omnios was born from a passion for Natural Language Processing (NLP), aiming to lead innovation in information accessibility and usability. Through cutting-edge technology, we develop products to filter and analyse vast data, ultimately improving the work experience of our clients by enhancing efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction in their daily tasks.

Transforming the work experience of our clients


Agile technological optimization of inefficient areas within an organisation.


Revolutionising the operational landscape of companies through disruptive solutions.


Supporting you through our three pillars: training, communication, and ongoing assistance.


Pioneer in Accelerating AI Implementation

Implementing AI is often a complex and challenging process. While we are already driving innovation for many companies, our vision is to expand our ecosystem so that more organisations can deploy strategic AI plans in an agile and effective manner.

Leaders in AI Implementation & Acceleration

We believe that strategic partnerships are crucial for success


Connect with us to explore how our technology can enhance the value of your products and services. We are open to collaborations if your customers show interest in AI.


Leading technology companies and integrators around the world work with Omnios to deliver functional and efficient software solutions to our customers.


At Omnios, we actively engage with non-profits, public institutions, and other companies to explore opportunities for mutual growth and amplify our collective impact.

Growing together through these companies as partners

T Systems
AIS Group


We continually seek opportunities to create value in collaboration with our partners. Please reach out if you believe your organisation aligns with any of the descriptions below. If not, we are open to exploring new avenues for collaboration!