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Accelerate your processes with AI

Forget about the traditional way of analysing large amounts of information, we can automate and accelerate these processes and provide you with real-time data.

Active listening


AI-Vents is a platform that performs event scheduling and Active Listening tasks from all participants within an industry, concentrating the information in the same environment in an automated manner.

Faster data, faster decisions

We help you process information faster

In the health industry speed plays an important role. We offer solutions that accelerate your information gathering processes by automatically monitoring the sector and its latest developments.

Through our AI solutions we give you the tools to decide and execute faster, adapting our software to fit your strategy and to reflect your criteria.

Real time metrics

Automatic scheduling

The platform collects and schedules, in real time, ALL events, promotional and marketing activities within an industry.

  • Round tables
  • Webinars.
  • Attendance at congresses
  • And more

Data driven decision making

Active Listening

Real time monitoring focused on each of the competitors that the user selects. Insights of great value such as the following are presented:

  • Number of activities.
  • Type of activities.
  • Future activities with said
    company involved.
  • Feed of tweets where it has been mentioned, ordered chronologically.

Why Ai-vents?

Difficulty in Monitoring

Every day it  is increasingly less feasible to get the 100% of the information about how the competition is acting.

Need for excessive operational and financial resources

The results obtained are expensive and are limited by several factors.

The information gathering capacity will never be enough to capture 100% of the sector’s activity.

Lack of knowledge about new markets

One of the great limitations when expanding to new frontiers is the uncertainty about the state of the industry in a certain geographical location.

Grupo 1358

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