Events & Education

We bring technology to any type of business, understanding the needs and possibilities related to each sector and company. With our knowhow and current solutions we’ve had impact in very different sectors. Don’t see yours here? We’re always open to new challenges!

Fairs, conventions and congresses

Congresses are going through major changes and digital solutions are shaping the sector.

We offer a complete solution that boosts the onsite event through the analysis of the speeches and presentations but also presents a major opportunity for digital events to escalate the value of their shared knowledge. 

Through our AI solutions we give you the tools to transform your event into a knowledge hub.

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Analyse the content:

Process the speeches of the event dynamically and create a space inside the congress that gathers all the knowledge that is generated.

Have a continuous impact:

Give continuity to the event until the next one through the intelligent analysis and navigation of your content.

Intelligent planning:

Gather relevant information and monitor the sector to plan the event more efficiently and achieve a bigger impact. 



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