Winnow for Education

Let AI help you improve your decision-making processes

Get data-driven assistance in enhancing your learning contents, methodologies and global strategies.

Winnow will help you to

Generate effective marketing campaigns to attract new audience

Build loyalty for existing students

Build a unique learning experience based on their interests

Provide categorized information and subject recommendations

Create interactive learning experiences and better learning outcomes

Analyze what students search the most and improve subject content

Create engaging, personalized, and accessible experiences on campus and beyond

Our platform drives student engagement, interactive learning experiences and better learning outcomes

Benefits for universities and schools

Let your students interact with the content you provide

Engage your learners through interactive tools like a knowledge maps, smart search, topic classification and more in an environment fully branded for your institution.

Fun and collaborative tools like smart seach and knowledge maps keep students focused and actively participating.Winnow provides «based on interest»content

Why are students spending so much time in this part of the video? Perhaps the content has to be redefined or explained in a different way?

Make content more visible or available according to your interests. You can also let Winnow propose new content based on similar interests from other students!

Benefits for students and alumni

Turn learning into a discovery process

Provide your students with the right tools to save time and discover a whole new world of relevant contents.

Save valuable time getting to the exact point of interest.

The powerful relational engine of our Knowledge Maps unveils graphically new learning paths to follow on.

Students get unique relevant proposals based on what Winnow has learned about them.


Winnow Features

Knowledge Maps

Explore the videos in a new way. Winnow automatically generates interactive graphs to compare what speakers have said. You can also find and compare videos or topics!

Smart Search

Search inside the video transcript and get to the exact second where the word / sentence you’re looking for is mentioned.

Smart Classification

Winnow automatically tags the video with Artificial Intelligence analysis, making it easier to store large amounts of files and saving you time.

Winnow Analytics

Get information about what your users are watching, what topics they’re interested in and what they search to improve your campaigns and content strategy. Translate video views to business value!

Winnow can be easily integrated with your current tools

We provide you with basic integrations so you can connect Winnow with  other tools and platforms, making the most out of it.

Upload videos from your computer or other tools

You can easily upload one or more videos at the same time from your computer, or the main cloud storage platforms: Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box…

Customise the look and feel of the platform

Easily modify design elements inside the platform so they match with your brand. Upload your logo, modify controls, and change layout.

Connect and integrate with your existing tools

Winnow is easy to integrate with other content platforms that your organisation might have, such as your website, LMS, event app…

Want to know more?

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Discover solutions for other industries

Winnow is a cross-sector platform, and as such it can be adapted to be useful in various industries where knowledge (and video content) is shared and accumulated. If you’re interested in Winnow but don’t identify yourself in any of these, get in contact with our team!


Provide a personalized video experience for each attendee. Winnow offers advanced in-video search and easy access to the content each user finds relevant.


Generate, nurture, and convert more leads with engaging webinar and video content. Push the data to your CRM instantly to update account records with new information.

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