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Accelerate your processes with AI

Forget about the traditional way of analysing large amounts of information, we can automate and accelerate these processes and provide you with real-time data.

Faster data, faster decisions

We help you process information faster

In the health industry speed plays an important role. We offer solutions that accelerate your information gathering processes by automatically monitoring the sector and its latest developments.

Through our AI solutions we give you the tools to decide and execute faster, adapting our software to fit your strategy and to reflect your criteria.

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Specially for…

Monitor your competitors

We monitor data in the sector in real time. Be up to date with latest releases, developments and communications from your competitors and their partners.

Automate information flows

At Omnios we work together with you to understand what information is relevant to you. As a result we automate the gathering, filtering, analysis and visualisation of data.

Prioritise your investments

We can automatically prioritise what drugs or medical studies are relevant to your company strategy. Our software updates data them in real time based on your criteria.

Real time metrics

Make informed decisions based on reliable data

Sometimes the information available to us presents biases that are hidden at first sight. Human mistakes during the data processing are very common, but they can be avoided easily by standardising and automating processes.

Our software can be the best solution. We understand your needs, use your information sources and adapt the criteria used in the filtering and analysis of gathered information.

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