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Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning (ML) forms  a part of artificial intelligence that teaches algorithms to process and learn from existing information, allowing them to identify patterns and automating processes with minimal human intervention

Through ML we train the system to extract and categorise the relevant information. We can also adapt our ML models to understand different languages and variants that each sector might have.

Why use Machine Learning

Identify new insights

Through Machine Learning one can review large volumes of data and identify patterns and trends that might not be apparent to a human

Continuous improvement

Machine learning technology typically improves efficiency and accuracy thanks to the ever-increasing amounts of data that are processed.

Process automation

The automated nature of Machine Learning means it can save time and money, as employees are freed up to perform high-level tasks that a computer cannot handle.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the part of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to replicate the human mental process that we follow when reading or listening a text, audio, video…

Using powerful algorithms, it’s able to extract, analyse and understand unstructured information with a level of accuracy comparable to the human mind. NLP then provides structured data that is directly useful to your business.

Why use Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Filter relevant information

In industries or processes where a lot of files, reports and large amount of text have to be analysed, NLP can help in identify what you’re looking for and filtering the rest.

Classify according to topics

Advanced NLP models, assuming they receive the appropriate amount of data, can learn to read the context of a sentence and classify it into the appropriate group.

Save time and resources

Process huge amounts of text, audio or video content in just seconds or minutes, that would take days or weeks of manual analysis.

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Smart Data visualization

Data visualization gives us a quick and clear understanding of what the information means by giving it visual context through maps or graphs.

At Omnios we give a lot of importance not only to the analysis of large amounts of information but also to how the results are presented, because this allow users to identify emerging trends, recognise patterns and act quickly based on what they see.

Why use Smart Data visualization

Simplify complexity

When viewing large amounts of data it’s important that the information shown in the results is simplified so it can be easy to read and understand.

User friendly navigation

When viewing data in dashboards, it’s important that the user understands how to navigate through graphs and tables to make the most out of the available information.

Actionable results

At Omnios we like to present information in a way that is easily usable to make decisions, without the need for further processing.

Grupo 1358

Cutting Edge technology

We work with the latest technologies, programming languages and frameworks available in the industry. As a result, we provide efficiency during the development of scalable and robust software and the most accurate results after deploying our solutions.

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