Winnow Analytics

Learn both about your users’ interests and how your videos’ perform.


Winnow helps you understand your users behaviour and extract relevant information to feed your strategy

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Integrate with your marketing tools

Connect Winnows’ user analytics with your CRM, marketing automation platform or other tools to segment your communication, making it more effective.

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Understand your users

Learn about your users’ interests by tracking what they search, what topics are the ones they watched more content about and what videos they saved.

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Audit your content

Understand what you’re really communicating by letting Winnow analyse what is being said in your video content objectively.

How does Winnow Analytics work?

Track the behaviour from your users inside the platform, watching how they navigate to learn about their interests and profiles. Also, you can analyse your content without biases, Winnow will show you what you’re really communicating.

Track all your interest

Take a look at the content analysis to see how much time you dedicate to each topic to make sure you’re alligned with your strategic interests.


Intuitive dashboard

View your user engagement and analyse their behaviour in your own data dashboard.

Integration with your tools

Integrate the analytics with your marketing tools (using out of the box Google Analytics integrations).


Get to know your users in depth

By using Winnow, your users will leave a trace of searches, clicks on knowledge maps and minutes watched about each topic. This information will help you understand what information really matters to them and you’ll be able to generate content that is more relevant to them. This cycle can be powered with integrations with other marketing tools and will help you feed your company’s strategy with real and relevant data.


Discover more Winnow Features

Knowledge Maps

Explore the videos in a new way. Winnow automatically generates interactive graphs to compare what speakers have said. You can also find and compare videos or topics!

Smart Search

Search inside the video transcript and get to the exact second where the word / sentence you’re looking for is mentioned.

Smart Classification

Winnow automatically tags the video with Artificial Intelligence analysis, making it easier to store large amounts of files and saving you time.

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