Smart Search

Find what you need by searching in the video transcript! Winnow will bring you to the exact point where it’s mentioned in the video!


You know what you're looking for? Don't wait, get to the right point of the video

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Get right to the point

In just one click Winnow will take you to the exact second in the video where the word you’re searching is mentioned by the speaker, saving you time and effort.

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Search inside the videos

Browse throughout the videos in Winnow as if you were on a search engine like Google. Get more accurate results and focus on the content that’s relevant to you.

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Watch a preview of what has been said

See fragments of the transcript to choose what you want to watch more accurately. See in a glance all the times that the word you’re looking for has been mentioned.

How does Smart Search work?

Winnow automatically transcribes and analyses all the content that’s uploaded, making it easier to navigate and classify it.

Look inside!

Winnow “watches” the videos for you, making them accessible, you just have to ask for what you want.

transcribe automatic

Automatic transcription

Write in the searchbar what you’re interested in and Winnow will browse through all the transcripts for you.

Select exatcly

Select what video/moment you want to watch based on the transcription fragments you’re shown.


Smart Search makes your content more accessible

Let your users access your video content more easily, having a customised experience when navigating through them. Gather information on what has been searched and learn about their interests to feed your content strategy with insights.


Discover more Winnow Features

Knowledge Maps

Provides relational content navigation and graphical content visualisation. Every click on the Knowledge Map gives you valuable insights to improve your video content.

Smart Classification

Winnow platform is able to divide information into different categories and make it easy for users to search inside videos fast and save time. No more manual tagging needed.

Winnow Analytics

Get information about what your users are watching, what topics they’re interested in and what they search to improve your campaigns and content strategy. Translate video views to business value!

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