Large Language Model



It allows you to automate the task of creating documents such as contracts, procedures, user guides, specifications or commercial proposals.

How does it work?

Tell about the context and your output requirements

Provide information about the context and your output requirements

The user uploads a requirements document that indicates what the output document must contain. Additionally, the user can provide context regarding the needed document. If applicable, you may create bullet points or an index with titles that the document should include. This is your opportunity to draft your royal letter.

Integrating and matching with your success docs

Integrating and aligning with your successful documents.

There is a historical repository (SharePoint or Google Drive) where the user has uploaded previously manually created documents by the company. These documents serve as a reference to identify and incorporate important points into the resulting document. The platform is enriched by this historical data.

Magic come true: Your document created

Magic Made Real: Your Document Is Complete

After the user inputs the required fields, the solution utilizes historical data, references the requirements document, and processes everything to generate a document aligned with the user’s expectations. The output document is then displayed on the screen, and the user has the option to export it to .DOC or .PDF format.

Enhance efficiency by automating document creation, ensuring adherence to organisational standards, and saving valuable time previously spent on manual crafting

Reduction of people's dedication time

Reduction of people's dedication time

Greater opportunities in less time

Greater opportunities in less time

Standardization and improvement

Standardization and improvement

Key Features

An Over 80% Reduction in time investment

Cross-cutting solution capable of writing about various industries

Online document editing (styles and content)

Selection of specific historical documents

Ability to iterate
 on the final document

Learns from your search behavior and document interaction history

Advanced search functionality for previously generated documents

User and
 permissions management system

Large Language Model Development


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