You'll never watch a video the same way

The intelligent Video On Demand platform

Winnow analyses your videos with artificial intelligence to help you engage and understand your audience.


The smart VOD platform to unleash the true potential of your videos

It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and it drives excellent results. Upload video content to the platform and Winnow will do the rest for you. AI algorithms will transcribe and analyse the video to make it accessible to your audience.

Winnow is perfect for...


Give each of your attendees a unique customised experience through AI. Winnow offers advanced in-video search and easy access to the content each user finds relevant.


Generate, nurture, and convert more leads with engaging webinar and video content. Turn your campaigns, webinars or events into a high added value service for your customers.


Join the real e-learning revolution. By adding Winnow to your lessons you’ll create value for your students in your virtual lectures. In addition you’ll get insights on what is being explained in lectures to audit your content and improve the learning experience.

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Features that make Winnow different

Knowledge Maps

Explore the videos in a new way. Winnow automatically generates interactive graphs to compare what speakers have said. You can also find and compare videos or topics!

Smart Search

Search inside the video transcript and get to the exact second where the word / sentence you’re looking for is mentioned.

Smart Classification

Winnow automatically tags the video with Artificial Intelligence analysis, making it easier to store large amounts of files and saving you time.

Winnow Analytics

Get information about what your users are watching, what topics they’re interested in and what they search to improve your campaigns and content strategy. Translate video views to business value!

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For you and your business

Your own smart video platform

Winnow helps you discover the true potential of your video content, automatically transcribing, categorising and classifying it to let your users navigate.

For the audience

Create a unique experience for your users

Offer a knowledge hub based on your videos. Users will be able to navigate through videos in a life-changing way, filtering only what they find relevant.

Customise Winnow to your needs

Easily integrate Winnow with your own website and internal tools

Winnow can be integrated with your current platforms or website. Furthermore, it can be adapted to your company’s branding. Avoid unnecessary clicks and double logins.

Super easy integration

Winnow lets you connect other apps automaticaly, making your workflow easier!

Upload content directly from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box or with an .mp4 url!

Integrate Winnow with your current tools
or plataforms

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